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  • Want to learn how to shred? You’ve come to the right place.

    Reach your snowboarding potential and have the time of your life on one of the snowboard courses!

  • Whether you’re a beginner, main slope ready, expert or anything in between, we have a skiing lesson or snowboarding lesson for you.

    Spend days learning and progressing your snowboarding to a higher level, and make this a snowboard season to remember!

For Learners: Pick Your Gear


Professional snowboarders recommend soft snowboarding boots to start. It's not as easy to balance or to get up after a fall in hard boots. Moonboots and hiking boots better to leave at home.


Depends on your level. Start with an all-purpose snowboard. If you are ready to race or do tricks, bring a specialty board. Specialty boards are harder to turn and balance on.

Protective Equipment

Always wear wrist guards. Take your lucky pair with you. Most racers and professional snowboarders wear helmets, wrist guards, arm guards and shin guards, as well as customized protective gear.

Additional Lessons: Expand Your Main Course

Class 1

Your instructor will focus on controlling your tempo on your toe and heel edge, as well as getting you acquainted with the equipment and your balance.

Class 2

Your instructor will begin on the beginner slope - focussing on turns and linking them together. You'll then move on to the lower main slope to learn how to use the button lift.

Class 3

Your instructor will be on the main slope with you, guiding you in to influencing your turn shape and introducing you in to changing edge earlier in the turn.

Class 4

Your instructor will get you sliding with a flat base, get you doing pops and ollies off a flat base and introduce you to presses.

All-Level Program

  • Newcomer

    Learn to hit the lower main slope with style and confidence! If you’ve never snowboarded before, our qualified instructors are here to help you from the second you step onto the snow.


    Transfer what you’ve previously learned as well as linking your turns consistently and smoothly by controlling your tempo to build confidence and improve your technique.

  • Advanced

    From the beginning of this course, our expert instructors will encourage your expertise, help you control your rush and assist you in mastering control on an indoor, real-snow slope.


    Custom - made training courses depending on your goals, skills, and aims. Ride with experts and learn some secrets of better performance. Get professional advice and exchange experiences.


Jimi Horton

Professional snowboarder, and a dedicated coach.

As coaches, we want you to be as stoked on snowboarding as we are and believe the best you can feel on snow is when you’re progressing.

Fortunately, everyone - even professional snowboarders - can always improve. Our ultimate goal is to equip our clients with the ability to enjoy riding any slope, in any snow condition and look good doing it.

No matter what your level, if you want to snowboard better, we have a course for you.


Ride The Mountain With Confidence


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